¿Cómo cuidar mi composición de plantas suculentas y que no mueran en el intento? - Succulovers

How to take care of my composition of succulent plants and not die trying?

How to take care of my composition of succulent plants and that they do not die in the attempt

Purchasing your composition may be your first time growing succulents. The growing conditions and the needs of these plants are very different from the rest of the plants we have at home. It is very easy to take care of succulents and, normally, the less we do following the following guidelines, we will have beautiful and healthy plants. A composition can become a great collection over time!

💚Location: lots of sun and ventilation 💚

They are outdoor plants, they love sun exposure and require at least a few hours of direct sunlight to grow healthy and healthy. Although you can temporarily keep them inside the house when you need it, let it be with plenty of ventilation and plenty of natural light. In the central summer hours (12:00 to 18:00) we must avoid direct exposure to the sun to avoid burns.

💚 Irrigation: little water 💚

They are plants that accumulate water in their leaves and do not need continuous watering to develop properly. In favorable conditions (spring and autumn) we can water once a week. It should not be watered with minimum temperatures below 8ºC in winter or above 35ºC maximum or 20ºC minimum in summer continuously, since the plant will be resting and does not need water.

💚Maintenance 💚

Over time, if any plant in the composition presents a problem, it is better to remove that specimen and thus prevent it from affecting the rest. In addition, the plants in your composition will grow and perhaps your composition will lose its compact shape. You can go pruning your plant to maintain the shape of the composition and get new plants (let the cut dry for a day and plant it individually and you will have a new plant). You can also remove the older leaves from larger plants to use in your garden as cuttings (succulents have the ability to clone themselves through a leaf). Over the months and years your composition can become a beautiful collection of succulents.

You can consult the most advanced guide to growing succulents at the following link. There you will find specific care for your succulent plants and the cultivation secrets of delicate species.


Welcome to the world of succulents!