Actualidad succulovers Septiembre 2022 - Succulovers

Succulovers news September 2022

💚 Summer 💚

From a professional point of view, we were looking forward to the end of this hot summer so much that we are making this publication at the end of August to celebrate it and, above all, to inform you of the latest and upcoming news that we offer you.

As far as succulents go, it's been a rough few months. In Spain, for many days the temperatures have remained above 35ºC and, what is almost worse, above 25ºC at night, a very unfavorable combination to keep our beloved succulent plants in good condition. In our nursery we have taken note to be able to apply measures in advance if next summer the same returns, such as hydrating the plants a little more than normal before the hot season begins and increasing the application of preventive phytosanitary products, among others.

Despite the most willful prevention and care that we can offer, nature always rules, so we cannot expect plants to present their best appearance at the worst time of the year for them. Their cycles are like that! Sometimes, perhaps due to ignorance, we complain that their condition is not optimal or that they do not look smooth and hydrated... Let's remember that they have been in their low hours.

We must understand that our hobby is growing plants, not just maintaining them. We have to be aware of providing good conditions for our plants if we want to have a good crop. Filter the sun, control irrigation, review weather conditions, apply phytosanitary prevention, etc. And even putting all our effort, some plant will go straight to plant heaven. Our best advice is to apply common sense or, when in doubt, ask us! it's free and we'll be happy to assist you :)

💚 The Past 💚

Thanks to all of you and the support you give us every day, our adventure is about to be 18 months old. We are very happy and satisfied with the relationship we have with you and with colleagues in the sector. We have worked very hard to offer you the best plants, in the best conditions and at the best possible price.

Importing plants is hard work, often frustrating due to bureaucratic procedures that take time, time that plays against living plants that (literally) cross the world in boxes. A plant doubles its cost at source upon entering the European Union. Transport is continuously rising and has already doubled in a year. Customs costs, VAT, tariffs, loss of merchandise, waiting time... It's not a Lauis road, let's say!

💚 The Present 💚

Our goal is to continue improving in all areas of our industry. In the coming weeks, several changes will take place on the website: inventory updates, new photos of all products, the distribution of navigation menus, and a review of the plant offer. We hope you like it! These news will come to light in the next update on September 10.

Our Succulovers European tour ‘22 ends this month (yes, as if we were Guns N’ Lovely Roses…) and we will travel to Bologna (Italy) on the 16th and 17th of September. We are looking forward to meeting all our Italian clients who are coming to visit us and other colleagues in the industry. It's going to be exciting!

💚 The future 💚

We have decided to follow a new line of work regarding the supply of plants on the web.Our medium-term objective will be to produce all the plants that we have on offer in order to lower prices, counteract inflation as much as possible and make the plants accessible to more public, at the same time as complementing them with a smaller offer of unique plants. We will send our offer with all the new news from the autumn Asian Aeoniums market and the catalog of plants from two of the most famous Korean nurseries in the world. So, stay tuned!

We are working hard on the new greenhouse, we would like to be able to say a date but it is difficult to be sure. Perhaps 2024 will be more accurate than 2023. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for joining us on this journey.